Security cameras are a popular option for home owners, renters, and Airbnb hosts.
Hidden Cameras

How to Find Hidden Cameras in your Airbnb

Traveling for business or pleasure? An Airbnb can be a great alternative to a hotel. Airbnbs often offer more space, for comparatively less – and come nicely furnished, often including a full kitchen. But, just about anyone can be an Airbnb host. And – you might have privacy concerns because the fact of the matter is that Airbnb allows hosts to have security and recording devices (hidden cameras) in their rentals. According to the rules, Airbnb hosts are required to disclose these recording devices to renters. Additionally they aren’t allowed to have them in private spaces – like bedrooms and bathrooms – regardless of whether they are disclosed or not. But, there have been many recent news stories of this very thing happening. What’s the best approach to ensure your privacy in an Airbnb? How can you protect yourself from these spy gadgets? First, you should definitely ask the host – Are there any security or recording devices in use? But secondly, you should trust but verify. We’ll talk here about how you can find hidden cameras in your airbnb. [Read More…]

Extramarital affairs and other infidelity can be caught with hidden cameras
Hidden Cameras

Common Uses For Hidden Cameras

What are some common uses for hidden cameras (also called spy cameras?) You might be surprised. Having a hidden camera can be used to monitor events and individuals when you are not around. It lets you have a true picture of what is going on. Is spying on someone with a hidden camera legal? Aren’t these things considered spy gadgets? It depends on the circumstances and local laws. There are many instances where you are well within your rights to employ hidden camera technology. We’ll talk about those surveillance uses. Hidden Cameras for Home Security Having a video camera is a basic necessity for home security. It provides a record of what occurred, and when. Many of these cameras have special features as well, such as audio recording and motion detection activation. Motion detection is effective to maximize battery life and to ensure you don’t have hours of video of nothing happening. But specifically, a hidden camera let’s you observe events without altering the behavior of those whom you are recording. A visible camera can be a theft and crime [Read More…]