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X-Sight Riflescopes from ATN

Let’s take a look at the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition 5-20x Smart HD Day/Night Riflescope from ATN. Riflescopes are used to enhance your accuracy when shooting at long distances by amplifying the appearance of your game and equipping you with a reticle that shows precisely where your weapon is pointed. These scopes come in various models and provide up to 50 times the magnification of your target. Here are some of the gear we are going to look at: X-Sight Riflescopes – Overview The most important factor when it comes to riflescopes is magnification. Magnification is the degree to how close you can see the target compared to the naked eye. Riflescopes act like telescopes. Light reaching the objective lens centers on a subject inside the scope. The ocular lens amplifies the light from the focal point. When you watch through a scope, the picture you see is that light. Some scopes have various settings that enable you to see targets at several magnifications. Riflescopes have a power ring that you can turn to change the magnification setting on [Read More…]

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ThOR Thermal Smart Rifle Scopes from ATN

Let’s take a look at the ATN ThOR 4 640 4-40x Thermal Smart HD Rifle Scope from ATN. Thermal scopes distinguish radiation and do not need any visible light to create an image and work well day and night. Different colors are used to denote temperature, and thermal scopes can convert black and white or use various colors to distinguish heat intensity. Here are some of the gear we are going to look at: ThOR Thermal Smart Rifle Scopes – Overview ThOR 4 is a new range of intelligent thermal scopes from ATN and offers many improvements. The latest Obsidian IV Dual-core processor is the most prominent one, which is more brilliant and powerful, allowing the ThOR 4 range to deliver more solid performance and features. The most economical ThOR 4 scope has a magnification range between 1.25x and 5x and grants a detection range of up to 750 yards for a human-sized target. They come with a ballistic calculator that utilizes altitude, environmental situations, and your gun’s profile to determine an exact bullet path. This range of rifle scope [Read More…]

ATN ThOR LT 3-6x Thermal Rifle Scope black
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ThOR LT Thermal Rifle Scopes from ATN

Let’s take a look at the ThOR LT Thermal Rifle Scopes from ATN. Thermal rifle scopes are the most remarkable optical devices you can connect to a weapon. They offer the flexibility of daytime and nighttime use and also work in different weather situations, such as a foggy environment. They read the thermal signatures of all objects and give you an image displaying a gradient map of the heat signatures. Here are some of the gear we are going to look at: ThOR LT Thermal Rifle Scopes – Overview They feature a very low power consumption, so you can keep hunting until late at night or even until early morning. The new internal lithium Ion battery can last up to more than 10 hours of run time. They are also easy to use and mount with the standard 30 mm rings and easy-to-navigate controls. They are prepared to endure unfavorable weather situations and the harsh recoil your firearm produces. ThOR LT Thermal Rifle Scopes are also lightweight and can be placed on crossbows, air rifles, or other weapons that might [Read More…]

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OTS Thermal Viewers

Let’s take a look at the ATN OTS LT 320 6-12x Thermal Viewer from ATN. Thermal viewers or thermal scopes intensify the clarity of your target, so you can see it at night or during the day amidst low visibility conditions. They use infrared light to produce images or thermograms. When a live animal has been identified, images are displayed as black and white or various shades of color. Here are some of the gear we are going to look at: OTS Thermal Viewers – Overview From top to bottom, the ATN Thermal Viewers have been fully redesigned. One of the amazing features of these thermal handheld scanners is their long-lasting internal battery. ATN Extended Life Battery kit can hold binoculars or monoculars for more than 15 hours. You can use your tools longer and save money and the environment in the process. Whether you are camping, scouting, bird watching, or on the lookout, you can make the most of it with batteries that have ultra-low power consumption. You can even power your none ATN devices, which are compatible with [Read More…]