Thermal Imagers

ThOR Thermal Smart Rifle Scopes from ATN

Let’s take a look at the ATN ThOR 4 640 4-40x Thermal Smart HD Rifle Scope from ATN. Thermal scopes distinguish radiation and do not need any visible light to create an image and work well day and night. Different colors are used to denote temperature, and thermal scopes can convert black and white or use various colors to distinguish heat intensity. Here are some of the gear we are going to look at: ThOR Thermal Smart Rifle Scopes – Overview ThOR 4 is a new range of intelligent thermal scopes from ATN and offers many improvements. The latest Obsidian IV Dual-core processor is the most prominent one, which is more brilliant and powerful, allowing the ThOR 4 range to deliver more solid performance and features. The most economical ThOR 4 scope has a magnification range between 1.25x and 5x and grants a detection range of up to 750 yards for a human-sized target. They come with a ballistic calculator that utilizes altitude, environmental situations, and your gun’s profile to determine an exact bullet path. This range of rifle scope [Read More…]